Mum’s horror in rat-infested house with rodent nest and skull under floorboards

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A young mum and her three children trapped upstairs in their own home as the house is overrun by rats have told of their horror.

Sammy Thompson, 28, says her sons, aged 4, 8, and 10, are kept awake at night by the sound of vermin scuttling behind the walls.

The creatures also gnaw at floorboards, Sammy says, and admits she has discovered a rat’s nest and the skull of a decomposed animal underneath the floor.

She even captured a video of a rat running around her bathroom and claims Middlesborough Council have refused to send out help.

Instead Sammy, who is on Universal Credit, will have to fork out £350 for an exterminator herself, which she claims she cannot afford.

Sammy told Teesside Live it is "unbelievable" her family have been left "trapped in a house that is infested with rats" with no-one "willing" to help.

She said: "Me and my boys are living upstairs because the downstairs is riddled with them and they carry disease that can cause serious illness, it just isn't safe to live downstairs.

"We have our meals in our bedrooms and stay there the whole time.

"At night we're kept awake by the sound of them scratching and chewing and running around in the walls and the attic.|

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The distraught mum claims she "wants to move" but the council allegedly told her she can't "until the rat problem is under control."

She says the situation has made her "sick" with worry for her family, and even said her eight-year-old has gone to stay with a relative because he is traumatised.

Sammy said: "I want to move but the council say I can't until the rat problem is under control. I feel sick with worry for me and the boys and I can't see a way out of it."

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The mum added: "For a family to be forced to live like this in the 21st century is disgusting and unbelievable.

"We're trapped in a house that is infested with rats from top to bottom and I'm stuck in here with nowhere to go and no one willing to help me.

"The council say I have to bring in pest control myself but I can't afford the fees they charge."

Steve Heywood, from Home Group, the social enterprise charity the property belongs too said they weren't "aware" of the issue.

He said: "We aren’t aware of this issue but we would certainly investigate it if the customer would like to get in touch with us."

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