Mum’s warning as gas burner explodes and engulfs them in flames

A mum is warning of the dangers of decorative gas burners after she and her five-year-old daughter suffered third-degree burns in a freak explosion at a birthday party.

Kate Collins and her daughter, Eva, were at their friend's home in Perth, Australia, on April 27, when the host went to refill a table-top burner.

Shockingly, the liquid ethanol exploded and a fireball engulfed them as they sat directly opposite.

“The first thing I remember we were just sitting there chatting and the fireball came out, my clothes and hair were on fire,” Mrs Collins told Nine News.

“I ran into the house," she continued. "I dropped and rolled because that is what you are taught as a child.

"But, because it was liquid flame, it wouldn’t go out, it just kept on reigniting. It was scary so I stripped my clothes off and was just patting at my hair trying to get the flames out."

When the flames eventually went out, Kate said she heard someone say her daughter had been burned.

“Obviously then my only thought was for her so I ran outside," she said.

"Someone had a hose running and a bucket and a scoop and I just kept ladling water onto her until the paramedics arrived. Then I passed out, everything is pretty hazy after that.”

Kate was rushed to the Fiona Stanley Hospital and Eva to the Perth Children’s Hospital.

The host of the party who had been refilling the burner and another woman were also injured.

Eva suffered burns to 20 percent of her body, including extensive third-degree burns down her left arm and torso.

Kate had similarly severe burns to her legs arms and hands.

Five days after the accident, an infection got into Eva’s bloodstream and turned septic.

To her family's relief, her condition stabilised after she was treated with intravenous antibiotics.

Kate was discharged yesterday but Eva is expected to stay in hospital for a few more weeks.

The sale of decorative ethanol burners was banned by Australia's Federal Government in 2017 following reports of more than 100 fire-related injuries since 2010.

On her Facebook page, Nature Bubz , Kate is warning others to get rid of the dangerous decorative burners.

Sharing a warning video from Youtube, she said: "Please forgive me, but if I can stop this happening to even one more family, then it'll have been worth it."

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