Mural celebrating Paul O'Grady is defaced and sprayed with graffiti

Mural celebrating the life of comedian Paul O’Grady is defaced and sprayed with graffiti just days after being created

  • Mural paying tribute to Paul O’Grady in Manchester defaced with graffiti
  • The work was created by artist Chris Moore, also known as Manchester Murals
  • Moore expressed a desire to move the creation to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home 

A mural paying tribute to Paul O’Grady has been defaced with graffiti just days after it was created. 

Located in south Manchester, the mural was made in honour of TV star O’Grady, who passed away aged 67 on 28 March. 

Created by artist Chris Moore, who is also known by the name Manchester Murals, the artwork featured a portrait of O’Grady next to a dog, with a caption reading ‘For Paul’.  

Sadly, people visiting the mural on 2 April noted that the portrait had been defaced. 

The mural was hailed as an ‘Absolutely fantastic tribute to a great legend.’ 

The mural of Paul O’Grady alongside a dog, pictured in south Manchester, was defaced with green graffiti

Since being defaced, the mural has been painted over, with a small portion of the original artwork still visible 

‘I did this work out of a passion for my art and out of respect for Paul O’Grady who meant so much to people and animals throughout his life, Mr Moore said, according to Manchester Evening News. 

‘I was instantly driven to create a fitting mural in his honour, and I felt it was only natural to include a dog in that.’

Known for his love of dogs, O’Grady was an ambassador to the Battersea Dogs & Home, which has received over £100,000 in donations since his death. 

Chris, who said it took him multiple days to complete the mural, stated that he was ‘disappointed’ to learn that his artwork had been defaced. 

He said he has ‘not ruled out’ the possibility of repairing the artwork, but has stated a preference for the creation to be moved elsewhere.

‘I guess, ideally, it’d be nice for it to be rehoused now,’ he explained. ‘It would be great to do it at Battersea Dogs Home so it could live on permanently as a fitting home.’

Since unveiling the artwork on 30 March, Chris said he has been inundated with positive messages about the mural this week.

He has also been noted for artwork featuring Manchester City footballer Phil Foden, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and chef Phil Rosenthal. 

‘I’ve spent my adult life in Manchester, I feel an affinity to the city,’ he added. ‘I’ve been painting professionally for over two years and I’m just trying to build the business and my portfolio to try and turn my passion into a full-time career.

‘The response has been overwhelming, I’ve had loads of messages from people asking where it was located as they wanted to visit it with their dogs. I’m really happy that people were able to enjoy it.’

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