Muslim girl 14, strangled with hijab and beaten by woman in ‘racist attack’

A muslim schoolgirl was strangled with her own hijab and punched during a horrific racial attack while she was travelling on a bus, according to reports.

Redana Al-Hadi, 14, was rushed to hospital with a suspected fractured eye socket after she was allegedly punched multiple times by a woman shouting racial slurs at her.

The victim was travelling home from school with the 13-year-old sister Wadaad, when a woman, accompanied by a man, started openly “mocking” their accent and making sly comments about their headwear on December 4.

The verbal attack is believed to have intensified as the girl got off the bus, where the woman knocked Redana to the ground and started beating her.

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Redana, reliving the horrific ordeal, said ”As we were getting off the bus he stood up and screamed the N-word towards my friend.

The woman then allegedly turned to Redena and began shouting racial slurs before throwing herself at her, and dragging her off the bus.

Redana added: “She dragged me to the floor and strangled me with my hijab.

“My little sister tried to stop it, but the man grabbed her by the waist and threw her into oncoming traffic.

“(The woman) kicked me in the neck and knocked me out with her fist and started smashing my head and stamping on me while my arm was over my face.

“My face is all swollen and it’s a mess.

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The solicitor representing the Al-Hadi family, Arshaid Bashir, has said Redena was subjected to a racially aggravated assault.

He said: “There was serious harm to a child who was attacked due to her appearance.

“At the very least, the perpetrator should be charged with affray as part of joint enterprise with the co-accused, as unlawful violence was used towards another which caused other persons to fear for their safety.”

The girls’ mother, Racheda Ali, 51, did not know what to do when she received a phonecall from her youngest, explaining what had happened.

She said: “When my daughters returned get were crying because they were all scare and shaking.

“My daughter was having a panic attack, it’s ridiculous what they did to her.”

Redana says she is traumatised by the incident, and is too scared to leave the house.

A 40-year-woman, and 44-year-old man were arrested by South Yorkshire Police, who said the incident “remains under investigation”.

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