Muslim woman receives death threats after dancing with bare belly in crop top

A Muslim woman has been left fearing for her life after she shared a video online showing her dancing in a crop top.

Madina Basaeva has received death threats since sharing the clip, which shows her bare stomach.

She can be dancing to the camera while wearing a yellow striped crop top and matching trousers.

While modest by western standards, it has upset people in the Tadzhiki community to which she belongs.

Ms Basaeva was born in the city of Yekaterinburg in western Russia and lives in the capital city of Moscow.

But her video on Instagram came to the attention of fundamentalist Muslims who share her ethnic background and who were not amused by her choice of outfit.

One using the online pseudonym threatened: "Do not forget while chasing fame in this life, you will have to pay for it to Allah in the next one. Your naked belly button will cost you a lot."

Another, che_95religion, said: "Someone kill her already," while ‘aminapoi098765’ added: "When will you finally die?!"

Earlier this year, Ms Basaeva was harassed while she was on a public bus, although she was not injured.

She has expressed her frustration at the online haters, saying: "You don’t like anything.

"You don’t like if I am dressed, you don’t like if I am undressed, you don’t like the new content, finding a new song and coming up with choreography is that you don’t like either.

"It is impossible to satisfy you. Each and everyone of you. Do you understand?"

It is not clear whether police are investigating the threats made against her.

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