My daughter has to choose between eating lunch or going to the TOILET at school – it’s disgusting and has to stop

A FURIOUS mum has told how her daughter is forced to choose between eating lunch or going to the toilet at school due to a barmy rule.

Parents say kids at Woodchurch High School in Wirral are "being left to suffer" after the bathrooms were "locked" due to a spate of vandalism.

Students are said to line the corridors at lunchtime in long queues just to use the facilities, meaning they have no time to eat.

Mum Emma McGinness has slammed the school's harsh new policy, suggesting it is disrupting learning and even aggravating health issues.

She claims the academy have locked the majority of toilets and leave only one open at lunch in a bid to stamp out troublemakers.

Emma says the issue is already affecting the behaviour of her daughter, who has ADHD and autism.

The mum explained the teen already "struggles with concentration" and her focus is now being diverted to when she can get to the toilet.

She told the ECHO: "She can't focus on work.

"I'm angry and disappointed, the fact there's no explanation as to what is being put in place. They are taking away their rights.

"You can't punish the children like that and close them without alternative arrangements."

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The peeved parent also raised concerns about children's health being affected.

She suggested some youngsters could end up with a UTI because they are holding it in while girls on their period may be unable to change.

Emma claimed another boy at the school has now become fussy about what he eats each evening as he doesn't want to need the toilet in school.

She says she contacted Woodchurch High School voicing her complaints last week, but claims she has still not heard back.

Other parents echoed her fury on social media, with one branding the strict rules "totally unacceptable".

Another added: "It's not just lesson times, a lot of the toilets are locked during break times too, meaning queues in the only one that's open."

The Sun Online has contacted Woodchurch High School for comment.

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A single mum says her Year 7 pupil asked to go to the toilet during a morning lesson at Birches Head Academy in Stoke-on-Trent.

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