Mystery man found wandering streets with penis in plastic bag ‘is British’

A man found wandering the streets with his amputated penis in a plastic bag in a Spanish city is British, according to reports.

The 33-year-old prompted a police operation after shocked onlookers saw him bleeding heavily in a central street of Zaragoza and raised the alarm last Friday afternoon.

After he was rushed to hospital, he told officers he had chopped off his manhood himself.

Today the man was described by a local paper as a British national living in the city.

Daily newspaper El Heraldo de Aragon said police had discovered the expat had registered on a social networking app a few weeks ago in search of a candidate to film him mutilating himself.

Investigators have concluded he did amputate his organ but may have been acting under the influence of drugs or that he may have mental health problems, it is claimed.

Local reports have said the operation to reattach the man’s penis has been successful but it is not yet known if it is back to full working order.

The identity of the mystery ‘Brit’ has not been made public.

Describing the man as a Londoner, El Heraldo de Aragon said: “After we published a story on Monday about what had happened, the news appeared on Twitter , Facebook and other social media.

“A man from Zaragoza subsequently used Twitter to claim that a few weeks ago he saw another person living in the city was using a social networking app to look for someone who would film him while he cut off his penis.

“At that moment he didn’t think it was true, but after he found out what had happened last Friday, he immediately linked what he had read with what what had occurred.

“One of the passers-by who saw the mutilated man bleeding last Friday in Gran Via read the Twitter messages afterwards and contacted the man who had written them and asked him if he could send him the profile picture of the man who was looking for someone to film him amputating his penis.

“When he saw the photo, the witness realised that it corresponded with the person he had seen bleeding.”

The paper added: “The police have been told all this and have begun to investigate whether anyone responded to the macabre invitation of the young man.”

Although officers currently believe the injured man was alone, they are not ruling out the possibility he was filmed by another person, it is reported.

No-one from the police force probing the bizarre incident was immediately available for comment this evening.

The social networking app the 33-year-old is said to have used to make his filming request has not been named.

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