Mystery woman who rang doorbells at night identified – and boyfriend found dead

A mysterious half-dressed woman who rang doorbells in the middle of the night before vanishing has been identified and her boyfriend has been found dead.

The 32-year-old woman – who appeared to have restraints around both of her wrists – is now safe and detectives believe she was the victim of domestic violence.

Her 48-year-old boyfriend was found dead at home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, along with a suicide note linking him to the woman seen in the video.

Police had launched a desperate search for the woman after CCTV emerged showing her ringing a doorbell while partially dressed and barefoot.

There are now suggestions that he was holding her against her will and she managed to escape through a window.

The video was recorded on a home surveillance camera at 3.20am on Friday in Sunrise Ranch, Montgomery, Texas.

The woman can be seen walking up to the door emerging from behind a bush, ringing the bell, then walking away.

She is wearing a white t-shirt and has unknown objects, which appear to be restraints, dangling around her wrists.

An anonymous neighbour told ABC News that she rang the doorbell of several different neighbours but disappeared by the time they answered their doors.

"The look on her face, but she was being very very quiet… she just looked distressed," one neighbour who saw the footage told the broadcaster.

After police posted the video online, local residents got in touch with speculations that she may have been abducted – pointing to missing persons in the area.

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But police have since confirmed that they have identified the woman and she is safe with her family.

They said she wasn’t missing, but they believe she was a domestic violence victim.

Officers were able to confirm the woman’s safety after they were called to a "suspicious" shooting at a home in Sunrise Ranch at 11am on Wednesday.

Police were performing a welfare check after a friend of the woman’s boyfriend had received a text message from the man, who was threatening to kill himself, ABC News reported.

But it was too late by the time officers arrived at the home. The man’s body was found inside from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, it was reported.

Police told local media they found a suicide note linking him to the woman, who they say was his girlfriend.

A back window at the home was broken out, raising suspicions that the woman was being held inside and had escaped in the middle of the night.

Montgomery Co. Deputy Scott Spencer said: "The male did leave a suicide note to help identify the female and some of the circumstances about why this occurred.

"There’s some issues obviously with the video surveillance, why she was wearing those restraints and the circumstances surrounding it. We only have one side of a story right now."

The woman was being interviewed by police to learn more about what had happened to her.

Neighbours said the boyfriend worked at a local boat retailer and had moved into the rental home a few months ago, and they had never seen the girlfriend before.

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