Nasa 'accidentally captures mysterious UFO looming over Earth' in unearthed Apollo 9 pic, conspiracy theorists claim

UFO watchers claim a photo taken on Nasa's Apollo 9 mission captured a flying saucer zooming above the Earth.

Alien hunters have highlighted a tiny black triangle seen among the clouds, allegedly in a view from a practice run for the Moon landings.

The US space agency released a series of pictures taken during the March 1969 launch.

One shows astronaut Dave Scott wearing a red helmet as he climbs out of the command module in orbit high above the Earth.

Other pics look down on the surface at lands and oceans covered by wispy clouds.

Now a YouTuber claims one of these images is evidence of extraterrestrials, and posted video with a close-up to demonstrate.

Tyler, who goes by the name "secureteam10", believes the crew had no idea they had snapped the UFO.

He claims: "This is a photo that was snapped by one of the astronauts doing space walks before coming safely back down to Earth.

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"And just like in the past photos, a dark triangular craft seen above Earth in shuttle missions that happened many decades later – this was discovered to be lurking among these clouds, all the way back in the mid-60s when this photo was taken.

"This thing is virtually undetectable. Even when the photo is half-way zoomed in it's still hard to see.

"When we go all the way in, we get yet another dark triangle UFO that seems to be at an angle as if it's flying right above the clouds, right at the line where the Earth;s atmosphere meets space.

"Almost like it was just orbiting the Earth along with the astronauts who likely when snapping this photo had no idea that this mysterious black triangle was hundreds of miles away in the distance."

His fans were convinced that the photo was a "solid proof" of the existence of alien craft.

One said: "Incredible! That photo taken from space all those years back catching that triangle is solid proof for me."

Another said: "Is there a chance that the astronaut photo could be space debris or something? This stuff fascinates me beyond belief!"

The black shape appears similar to the famous Black Knight UFO, allegedly spotted in a space shuttle mission photo in 1998.

Conspiracy theorists are sure it's a space ship, but Nasa said it was a piece of debris.

It is not clear if the image in Tyler's video really is one of those taken by the Apollo 9 crew or is from another source.

Apollo 9 was a trial run for the Apollo 11 moon landings four months later.

Scott and crewmate Rusty Schweickart performed space walks to test whether an astronaut would be move between the two modules in an emergency.

They also practised separating and then docking the lunar and command modules, before splashing down in the Atlantic.

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