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JOE Exotic has become a unlikely style icon as Netflix fans are flooding Instagram with pictures of them decked out in his trademark outfits for the #TigerKingChallenge.

Netflix’s seven part documentary series charts the flamboyant zoo owner’s descent into a world of crime – leading up to his imprisonment for hiring a hitman to kill an animal rights activist.

It has been at the top of the charts for the streaming service since it dropped on March 20, and now people are paying tribute to Joe.

Scores of people are taking up the Tiger King Challenge as they don leopard print, trucker hats, tattoos and facial hair.

And they have their own menagerie of tigers, with the parts being played by their pets or their stuffed animals.

One Netflix fan looked a dead ringer for Joe as he wore a sleeveless leopard print vest, a gun belt, a cowboy hat and showed off his handlebar mustache.

And a couple both wore matching shirts with animal print, with the guy showing off some Joe-esque face fuzz, as they posed for a snap.

Joe wasn't the only fashion inspiration however, as another viewer took some cues from the wild zookeeper's ex-husband John Finlay.

Finlay appeared in much of the show sporting a near toothless grin, and one fan appears to recreated it.

Another viewer posed with an open animal print shirt, mustache and trucker hat as he posed on a Tiger King-style throne.

And then one man grabbed his fluffy pooch and two stuffed animals as he showed off the full blond mullet and mustache combo.




Fans also wielded guns to pay tribute to the weapons-mad Joe, who would regularly show off his arsenal for the cameras.

And another fella posed with his cat in front of one of Joe's music videos on his TV.

The zookeeper was also an aspiring country music star, filming most of his videos as his animal park and having a recording studio on site.

One female fan wore a leopard-print dress complete with a fur-style coat, topping off the glamorous look with a Tiger King trucker hat and large fake mustache.

While a pair of fans turned their three pooches into big cats, with two dogs wearing manes and one wearing a pair of tiger ears.

The viewers themselves also joined in, with the man donning a blonde mullet and the woman painting her face to resemble a tiger as they cuddled with the canines.

Joe is currently serving a 22-year sentence for the murder-for-hire plot against animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Tiger King charts his obsession and bitter feud with Ms Baskin, who he believed was out to destroy his zoo, Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, in Oklahoma.

The zoo is one of the biggest of its kind in the United States, housing up to 700 animals including lions, tigers, pumas, ligers and tigons.

Originally known as a local eccentric and minor celebrity, Joe rose to notoriety as he feud escalated with Ms Baskin.

She successfully filed a lawsuit against him, which ultimately led to the murder plot which saw Joe pay a hitman to kill her at her Florida sanctuary Big Cat Rescue.

Joe's crimes and his outrageous personality have fueled his newfound infamy as Netflix viewers got to know him over the series.

He is revealed to have been dreaming of fame, with hopes to front the reality TV show also called Tiger King.

The zookeeper ran to be US President and also campaigned to be the governor of Oklahoma.

Real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, he has now filed for a presidential pardon against his conviction.

He has also filed a federal lawsuit seeking nearly $94 million in damages.

Joe claims he was convicted based on false and perjured testimony, and claims he was singled out for being an "openly gay male".

He is currently housed at the Federal Medical Center, a 1,500-inmate facility in Forth Worth, Texas.

Meanwhile, his ex-husband John Finlay has shown off his new teeth after finding fame on Tiger King.

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