New Jersey cop to suspects during traffic stop: ‘I’m going to knock you the f–k out’

A New Jersey cop threatened to knock two men unconscious and sic his 90-pound police dog on them during a traffic stop, saying the animal would “rip the f–k” out of them if they didn’t comply with his orders, dramatic new video shows.

The footage, obtained Tuesday by, shows Atlantic City Police Officer Andrew Jaques unleashing a verbal barrage on driver Antoine Jones, 22, and passenger Brian Wilson, 21, after another officer pulled over their 2001 Saturn on Feb. 14, 2007.

Jaques then allegedly “pulled up to the scene like a lunatic,” according to an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit alleging racial profiling, illegal search and false imprisonment. Wilson then started recording the interaction with his cellphone, leading Jaques to reach into the car and snatch the device away, the lawsuit claims.

But Jones kept recording the encounter as Wilson told Jaques that he wasn’t trying to give the officer a hard time, video shows.

“Brian, listen — there’s two ways that this could go,” Jaques continued. “Take that phone and stick it out of my face. I’m not going to tell you again. Listen, my camera is on, so don’t worry about it.”

Wilson then asked for his cellphone back while questioning why he and Jones were stopped, prompting Jaques to erupt.

“I’m going to explain this one time and one time only,” the officer continued. “This is going to go two ways. You are going to act like a gentleman and I’m going to treat you like a gentleman. You frog the f–k up, I guarantee you that 90-pound dog is going to come out and rip the f–k out of you.”

Jaques then threatened to leave Wilson unconscious if he put his hand in the officer’s face again, an apparent reference to him recording the interaction.

“Put your hand in my face again, I’m going to knock you the f–k out,” Jaques continued. “I’m that f–king guy, you understand me? So calm the f–k down. You feel me?”

Jones then affirmed that he did, but Jaques was still not satisfied, according to the video.

“You start acting like a f–king fool, I will drag you out of this f–king window,” Jaques said. “You understand? You want to frog the f–k up, I’ve got no problem. We will step out and bang.”

The recording ends as Jaques told the men that they were “under lawful detention” and therefore forbidden from using a cellphone.

It’s unclear why Jones and Wilson were initially stopped, but they were later ordered out of the car to be searched. Jaques and another officer, Glenn Anthony Abrams Jr., also searched the car before the men were released without charge, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the incident depicts “standard operating procedure” for Atlantic City police officers who stop, search and harass people of color in ways that frequently lead to violence or false criminal charges.

A police spokesman declined to comment, reports, referring questions to the city solicitor’s office, which did not return calls. A spokesman for the Atlantic City mayor also declined comment, citing ongoing litigation, according to the outlet.

Jaques, meanwhile, had been previously fired by the department in 2006, but was later reinstated by New Jersey’s Civil Service Commission, the Asbury Park Press reports.

A judge wrote in a federal court ruling in 2007 that he showed a pattern of “volatile, short-fused” behavior after a series of complaints regarding his temper or ability to “use verbal skills properly,” the newspaper reported last year.

Jaques, who retired on medical disability in the summer of 2017, now collects a monthly pension of more than $3,300, state records cited by show.

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