New ‘Mowgli’ toddler found alive after five days alone without food or water

A two-year-old toddler has been found alive and well in a mountain region after spending five days alone without food, water or clothes.

The ‘Mowgli’ tot, identified as Anthony Yohendri Montenegro Herrera, was found 300 metres from his parent’s house in the community of Santo Domingo in the borough of Murra in the northern Nicaraguan department of Nueva Segovia.

After five days, concerned family members feared the worst but luckily neighbour Marvin Gomez found the dishevelled toddler among some bushes.

Doctors who examined the boy said that he was very dirty with a prickly skin condition, but was otherwise healthy.

They are unable to explain how the toddler was able to survive five days alone up a mountain without food, water or clothing.

The tot’s father Lazaro Montenegro believes that someone may have taken his son and then released him.

Local police are investigating the case to determine whether a criminal act is linked to the boy’s disappearance.

According to the toddler’s father, Montenegro Herrera has been very quiet since returning home and has difficulties recognising his relatives.

Meanwhile, healthcare experts are carrying out tests to establish the boy’s mental state.

He is currently being treated at a hospital in the nearby town of El Jicaro.

The investigation is ongoing.

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