New York Gov Cuomo warns other states of more coronavirus hell to come and begs for help to triple hospital beds – The Sun

NEW York Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned other states of the coronavirus hell to come as he begged for help to triple the hospital beds. 

Cuomo said New York's COVID-19 cases would be the first to spike within the next 21 days and urged the Feds to deploy resources there first.

Cuomo called on the government to act following 192 deaths and thousands of cases in the hard-hit state.

"We are going to be first," he said, pointing out New York's projected peak in three weeks would precede other states. 

Cuomo said 140,000 beds are needed but New York hospitals only have 53,000 available.

Mounting infection rates mean that around 40,000 ICU beds that are equipped with a ventilator are vital – but there are only 3,000 available.

"Different localities and [different] regions are going to have different curves," Cuomo explained. 

He suggested then giving the equipment to the next US hotspot on a rolling basis, rather than trying to deploy them "statically."

He urged New York hospitals to increase their capacity by 50 percent, which would provide 27,000 additional beds – upping the total to 80,000.

Cuomo also reiterated that NYS needed 30,000 vital ventilators to combat the killer virus and save lives.

His latest update comes after he pleaded with the Trump administration to send more of these machines to New York yesterday.

But Cuomo told reporters that he had a good conversation with the president last night and this morning, which Trump acknowledged on Twitter.

"The four hospitals that we (FEMA) are building in NYC at the Javits Convention Center are moving along very well, ahead of schedule," he wrote.

"Many additional ventilators also delivered. Good conversation with Governor Cuomo!"

Cuomo said medics desperately needed more equipment to curb the spread of the deadly disease which has shuttered businesses and forced millions of Americans to self-isolate.

He said said FEMA didn't deserve a "pat on the back" for providing a few hundred ventilators when the state needed 30,000 machines.

Later that day, Vice President Mike Pence assured New Yorkers 4,000 more were en route during a Town Hall interview on Fox.

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