Newsday begins printing at troubled NY Times plant

The last editions of Newsday printed at its Melville plants creaked off the presses on Sunday. This week the printing was outsourced and began its press run at the College Point, Queens, plant of the New York Times.

About 225 unionized pressmen, truck drivers, electricians, mailers and other tradespeople were tossed out of jobs as a result of the outsourcing. That’s about 16 percent of the 1,431-person workforce at the 78-year-old paper now headed by Patrick Dolan.

The NYT blue-collar workforce is staffed by workers from different local unions than the pressmen, drivers and electrician laid off by Newsday.

But things are not going smoothly at the NYT printing plant. On Thursday, for the third time in less than a month, “production problems” at the plant prevented the Times from getting out on time across the metropolitan area.

In a May 19 incident, The New York Times said up to 200,000 copies were delayed. A spokesperson could not say how many were delayed on Thursday, but presumably around the same number.

“Due to production delays, delivery to some subscribers in Manhattan and New York City boroughs was up to two hours late today. Also, some subscribers outside of the city will have next day delivery,” said the NYT spokesperson.

A Newsday spokesman said he had not heard of troubles.

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