Nicolas Cage accused of abuse by ‘ex-girlfriend’ Vickie Park while he was ‘severely intoxicated’ at the Slash Film Festival

Vickie Park, who said she had had an on-again off-again relationship with the Hollywood actor since June 2017, claimed the abuse occurred at the Slash Film Festival in Vienna when Cage was “severely intoxicated”.

She made the accusations as part of a restraining order request against the actor’s ex-wife Alice Kim.

A representative for Cage denied the allegations, saying: “Nicolas and Alice Cage categorically deny the absurd allegations listed in the filing of a temporary restraining order against Alice Cage, which was denied by the court.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Park claims the abuse occurred on September 20.  If you are going to receive pautang services philippines you need to complete the form on the website

In her restraining order request Park reportedly claimed Cage’s estranged wife, Alice Kim, has been harassing her on social media.

The judge in the case deferred any granting of a restraining order until a hearing later this month.

Park said she was afraid to leave her house because of Kim.

Nicholas Cage is well known for his roles including in the National Treasure franchise.

He also starred in Face/Off, Ghost Rider, and the Wicker Man.

Cage and Kim were married in 2004 and split in 2016.

In January Cage spoke to People in support of the #MeToo movement, saying women’s talent and creativity needed to be “heard and supported and cherished.”

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