Nimbin Mardi Grass attracts people to protest cannabis prohibition

Let the good times roll! Revellers let their hair down at annual Mardi Grass festival in Australia’s marijuana capital as they celebrate with body painting and some VERY out-there outfits

  • The Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival kicked off this weekend with revelers from far and wide attending the event 
  • The Mardi Grass Festival was first started in Nimbin in 1993 and has cultivated the message every year since 
  • Revelers, stall holders and police pack the streets of the small village every year  

The yearly protest against cannabis prohibition held in the hills of New South Wales has once again attracted a host of revelers who made the pilgrimage to the tiny village to support their message of decriminalisation.

The Mardi Grass Festival is an annual rally held in Nimbin, NSW, every year since 1993 to protest cannabis laws and educate people on the benefits of the drug, including medicinal. 

Since 1993 Nimbin has become synonymous with the Mardi Grass Festival and the colourful characters found during the May weekend when it is held. 

Hipsters both young and old come together to party and enjoy the weekend festivities along with a strong contingent of police

The festival, the height of the area’s ‘weed tourism’ calendar, is also an annual boost to the small village’s economy. 

Revellers were pictured in an array of outfits and emblazoned in marijuana leaf motifs as they partied the weekend away.

One reveler appeared to be dancing down the street with nothing but a sprinkling of green glitter to cover her chest 

A couple opted for matching body paint and glitter to cover their nipples, both flaunting their flesh in topless attire 

Hipsters both young and old come together in Nimbin each year for the Mardi Grass Festival 

Visitors to the Mardi Grass festival push up a giant inflatable joint above their heads as part of the Global Marijuana March in the eastern Australian town of Nimbin

A number of artists and stall holders also make the trip to the festival to sell their goods and add to the feel of the weekend

Two festival-goers looked to be taking a back seat on the festivities, sitting down on the grass for a bit of down time

A shirtless male with long brunette dreadlocks opted to have some green body paint in the shape of a leaf drawn on his chest

Freeodm of expression is encouraged at the Mardi Grass Festival

One reveler rocked a relaxed style in a pair of interestingly ripped denim jeans and Vans while enjoying a beverage

A pop-up bong shop seemed to be doing good business, with people dressed in colourful clothing lined along its display table

Everything from glow in the dark water pipes to rolling papers and hemp material clothing is also on offer during the festival 

A woman with a fishnet glove focused on the task at hand as she lit what appeared to be a joint with a cigarette lighter 

Three police officers seemed to be having a chat with a group of men sitting on the grass with their backpacks – one wore a shirt saying ‘Saturdays are for the boys’

One festival-goer seemed to have put plenty of thought into his ‘Bill and Ben the Pot Head Men’ costume, as a lady stood behind holding a ‘one love’ sign

A man dressed in an infamous Bintang singlet playing an electric guitar on the main street of Nimbin

One festival goer needed to rest his eyes after indulging in festivities a little too much 

Multiple generations come together each year in Nimbin to protest cannabis prohibition 


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