No clear majority in Spain's election with 20 percent of votes counted

MADRID (Reuters) – Neither the rightist or the leftist political bloc in Spain won a clear majority in Sunday’s national election, according to an early tally of results from the interior ministry with 20 percent of votes counted.

By party, the Socialists of Spain’s outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez led with 30 percent, with far-left Unidas Podemos seen winning 14 percent.

The right-wing mainstream conservative PP party was pegged at 17 percent, with center-right Ciudadanos at 13 percent and far-right Vox at 9 percent.

The partial results, which in past Spanish elections have not always accurately reflected the final outcome, suggested neither bloc would be able to form a government on its own, and would need to ally with smaller regional parties to prevent a deadlocked parliament.

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