Noel Hines Arrested For Stealing 400 Boxes Of Girl Scout Cookies

Media outlets have coined her as the ‘Real Life Cookie Monster.’

Noel Hines from the North College Hill, Ohio, area was recently arrested after stealing more than $1,600 worth of Girl Scout Cookies.

Hines, a troop mother, placed and accepted a large order of Girl Scout cookies to be sold for her daughter’s North College Hill Girl Scout Troop. According to officials from Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, the order was placed this past March. When it came time to make payment to the organization for the group’s sales, the payment never came.

Girl Scouts spokespeople told North College Hill Police that they made numerous attempts to contact Hines over a six-month period after the payment’s initial due date, but received no response and have been unsuccessful in retrieving the $1,600 they were owed.

While the details of the situation have not been released, the North College Hill Police Department did recently announce that the alleged “Cookie Monster” was arrested, detained, and charged with theft earlier this week on what they are calling “unrelated charges.”

The local police department of North College Hill in Ohio shared the story on their Facebook page recently with the ending tagline “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.” Several media outlets reporting the story has labeled the 31-year-old as a “Cookie Monster.”

The Girl Scouts of America’s “Cookie Manual” states all boxes of cookies regardless of type are priced at $4. So, the assumption is her troop sold 400 boxes of cookies and the troop leader made off with the cash. That, or, she just really likes cookies.

Spokespeople for the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio told Daily Mail that situations involving theft within troops are “infrequent” and “unfortunate.”

The organization also told reporters when a situation arises where theft is suspected or proven that troop funds are being misused they do everything within their power to press charges and reclaim funds for the troop.

“When we have evidence that an adult misuses troop funds, we pursue vigorously and, when appropriate, contact law enforcement to recover as much money for the troop as possible. This is not something we take lightly.”

Noel Hines is scheduled to appear in local court in the North College Hill area on November 28. Sources are unclear at this point if she was charged with theft for this crime or whether the charges being tried are unrelated. The GSOA has been working with law enforcement in the area in hopes of retrieving some of the funds that they are owed.

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