November in Waterloo region was one of the coldest on record

If November was a taste of what we have in store for us this winter, it may be time for all of us to head south.

Averaging just 3 C, November 2018 was the coldest November since 1996, according to Frank Seglenieks, of the University of Waterloo’s weather station.

The overall temperature for the month was two degrees below average in Waterloo, making it the fifth coldest November over the past 100 years.

Seglenieks says that the lowest point of the month came on Nov. 22 when the temperature dipped to -16.8 C, the coldest since Nov. 23, 2000.

While the temperature was well below average, the month was made even more miserable by the fact that precipitation was slightly above average.

There was 93.4 mm or rainfall in total but that was not where the bad news ended.

The snowfall over the first half of the month was also out of the ordinary.

Over the first half of the month, the region was dumped on by 21.5 cm of the white stuff, a total not seen since 1995. Waterloo saw another couple of centimetres, which brought the total snowfall to 23.5 cm, well above the monthly average of 13 cm.

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