NYC braces for another week of sloppy winter weather

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New Yorkers should brace for another week of sloppy wintery weather.

Forecasters are predicting treacherous, wet, icy blasts for the metro area that will continue over the next few days.

“Tonight, we’ll see a little bit of sleet and freezing rain coming in — that will continue into early tomorrow,” Accuweather senior meteorologist Tom Kines said Sunday.

“I don’t think it’s a lot of precipitation, but it certainly could be enough to make sidewalks and untreated surfaces slick,” he said.

The freezing rain is expected to turn into regular rain as temperatures climb Monday — before another wave of even nastier weather.

“A more significant precipitation event is coming Monday night into Tuesday,” Kines warned. “When the more significant precipitation gets here Monday night, it will be in the form of sleet or freezing rain.

“It’s going to be a slow go traveling-wise Monday night and into the commute on Tuesday,” he said.

Wednesday is expected to be a brief reprieve from the unpleasant conditions before Mother Nature hits us again, the expert said.

“There will be another storm heading our way on Thursday which will have a potpourri of precipitation with it. There will be some snow, freezing rain and maybe even all rain before it’s said and done,” Kines said.

“That looks like another messy storm.”

This coming week’s wet mess follows two weeks of snow, including a nearly 20-inch dump on New York City to start off the month.

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