NYPD reports nearly 300 arrests overnight after cops shut down Manhattan

Nearly 300 people were arrested overnight — as the NYPD shut down most of Manhattan to tamp down on widespread looting, police said Wednesday.

During the sixth night of protests over the death of George Floyd, a smaller group of looters struck but much of the chaos appeared to be quelled by the uptick in police presence.

The NYPD shut down Manhattan at 96th Street and blocked bridge — leading to a tense standoff with protestors before they retreated into Brooklyn, videos on social media showed.

The department said 280 people were arrested during the second night of a citywide curfew. Additionally, two officers were injured and three cop cars were vandalized.

Two Associated Press journalists were shoved and harassed by cops moments after the 8 p.m. curfew — telling them to “get the f—- out of here you piece of s—-,” according to the AP.

The cops questioning why the reporters were essential. Journalists are considered essential workers and are allowed to be out past curfew.

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