Parents complain because Percy Pig calendar contains chocolate

Parents complain to Marks and Spencer bosses because Percy Pig advent calendar contains chocolate instead of jelly sweets

  • Marks and Spencer has released a Percy Pig advent calendar for just £5 
  • The calendar has sent the internet into melt down as it contains chocolate inside
  • Parents felt ‘horribly lied to’ and ‘fuming’ when they did not find sweets inside
  • A spokesperson apologised but said the contents were ‘clearly labelled’ 

It was supposed to be a highlight of the run up to the festive season.

But Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pig advent calendar has left many of those who bought it squealing with annoyance. 

Shoppers complained online that their children had hoped to find the chain’s popular gummy sweets behind the calendar’s doors. Instead, the treat is a chocolate.

Customer Ian Jenkins wrote online: ‘My children are disappointed. Nothing “Percy” about [the calendar] at all.’ 

Percy Pig fans have been left squealing with annoyance after opening up their advent calendar to find chocolates instead of the gummy sweets (file image)

Another, Jane Chantry, said: ‘The reason we bought a Percy Pig advent calendar was for Percy Pigs, not a tiny rubbish chocolate.’  

Angela posted: ‘I feel horribly lied to by Marks and Spencer.

‘My Percy Pig advent calendar is just rubbish generic chocolate shapes until the 25th.

‘I may need to just buy a bag and eat one each day as consolation.’

Hannah MC slammed: ‘Actually fuming that my Percy Pig advent calendar is just a s****y advent calendar chocolate and not Percy Pigs every day!

‘What’s that all about?’

Keisha Ablitt said: ‘Opened up the first window of our Percy Pig advent calendar to discover a chocolate Percy!

‘Are you mad?

‘Upon closer inspection it does say ‘chocolate’ on the front but I didn’t think to check, I just assumed it would be the Percy Pig we all know and love.’

Jane Chantry said: ‘Dear Marks and Spencer – the reason we bought Percy Pig advent calendar was for Percy Pigs not tiny rubbish chocolate.’

And customers have also struggled to get the confectionary out of the box.

Hannah Coppenhall said: ‘Very disappointed with my Marks and Spencer Percy Pig advent calendar.

‘None of the doors are in the right places and I can’t get any chocolate out.

‘Just opened today’s and it says five days to go?’

And Sammie Hodges said her seven-year-old daughter was also getting the wrong chocolates.

She slammed: ‘My daughter is not happy that her Percy Pig advent calendar tray does not fit correctly in the box, causing her to open the wrong chocolate.’

Chloe Johnson said: ‘When you open your advent calendar to find nothing inside!

‘Sort it out Marks and Spencer. Christmas is ruined.’

Tom added: ‘It’s December 1, not April 1 Marks and Spencer.

‘Buzzing for my advent calendar from my wife – never too old – I open door number one and it’s the wrong way round so there’s plastic over the choccies.’      

Marks and Spencer said the calender’s contents were ‘clearly labelled’ – a daily Percy-shaped chocolate and a bag of Percy Pig sweets on Christmas Day.


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