Parents must change daughter’s name Blue or court will do it for them

Italian parents who named their daughter Blu must change it to a ‘traditional girl’s name’ – or have one imposed by the court

  • Bizarre ruling by judge who says girl’s name Blu is not gender appropriate
  • Parents argue the name is popularly used around the world
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce’s child is famously called Blue Ivy

Parents who named their daughter Blu have been ordered to change it by judges in Milan, Italy.

The 18-month-old tot already has a birth certificate and a passport in her given name Blu, the Italian spelling of the colour.

But her baffled parents have been ordered to attend a legal hearing this week where they must supply a traditional girl’s name or have one imposed by the court. 

Vittoria and Luca have been told to change the name of their daughter Blu or have it altered by the court

Blu’s mother Vittoria, who met her partner Luca three years ago, said: ‘Since the first day Luca told me he wanted to call his daughter Blu and I chose Blu because It is the colour of the fifth chakra.’

For the girl’s dad Luca, Blu stands for ‘bella luminosa unica’, which in English means beautiful, vibrant and unique. 

He told Il Giorno: ‘If we don’t show up with an alternative, a judge will decide our daughter’s name for us.’

The bizarre case came about because of a presidential decree that all newborns should have gender appropriate names.

The couple’s summons read: ‘Given that this is a modern name based on the English word ‘blue’, and that it cannot be considered unequivocally attributable to a person of the female sex, the birth certificate must be rectified by inserting another female name that the parents may propose during the course of the hearing.’ 

The baby girl has been named Blu for 18 months but must change due to a 2000 presidential decree for gender appropriate names

Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, is a famous example of a child being named after a colour

Luca and Vittoria plan to fight the order claiming that several girls across Italy and around the world are already called Blu or named after other colours like Verde, or Green.

Most famously music’s star couple Beyonce and Jay Z named their first-born child Blue Ivy in 2012.

But Luca and Vittoria aren’t the only one with baby blues — a second couple have also been ordered to appear at the same Milan court this week for naming their child Blu as well.

The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) shows there were at least six other baby girls named Blu in 2016 and five the year before, according to The Local Italy. 

Some boys are also called Blu but there are so few that ISTAT doesn’t have a figure.

In Milan alone two other girls are named Verde which means green in Italian. 

There are two other girls in Milan alone who are named Verde after the colour green, reported Il Giorno 

Italian baby names are well-known for being conservative. 

Boys are most popularly called Francesco, Andrea or Matteo in recent times while for girls it’s names like Sofia or Giulia.

But even for the country’s most common names though Italian magistrates can be real sticklers for tradition.

A Florence court once ruled that a couple couldn’t name their girl Andrea, a popular male name, and changed it to Giulia instead, for a while at least.

The case was presented before Italy’s Supreme Court who finally decided in 2012 that both girls and boys can be named Andrea.

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