Parents’ X-rated family Christmas card with wife on knees sparks backlash

A viral family Christmas card is getting backlash online after the parents of three children included their kids in a raunchy themed festive portrait.

It is a tradition in many households to send a personalised Christmas card to friends and family during the holiday season.

One card posted to Reddit’s trash section has raised eyebrows however, as it features three boys with their arms around each other smiling.

Behind the children is a fireplace and what is understood to be their dad sitting with a finger on his lips as if to shhh someone.

In the snap, the dad’s pants are also down and his wife, who is wearing a festive red hat, has her back to the camera in between the man’s legs.

The snap also has the greeting, "hope your holidays don’t blow," emblazoned in red, and it is quickly understood the woman is pretending to perform a sexual act on her partner.

Posting the picture to Reddit, a woman who shared the Christmas card said: "This actually came from a friend’s financial advisor.

"I said that if that came from my financial advisor I’d be finding a new one pronto."

Reddit users were quick to jump on the photo, with several highlighting how inappropriate it is for the children to be in the photo.

One questioned: "I hate when people force their sex life on other people, especially with children involved. How is this funny?"

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A second said: "Why combine family and Christmas and a greeting card with a lame sex joke? The two adults both thought this was a good idea?”

"What on earth, this is so inappropriate and just not funny at all,” added a third.

With a fourth claiming: "Jesus, those kids are going to be so embarrassed when they grow up."

Others even suggested it might cost the kids friends, with one commenting: "Well, that's an efficient way of making sure nobody lets their kids to come to your home."

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