Parkland Shooter’s Devastated Bro Zach, 18, Blames Himself For Shooting: ‘He’s Fragile & I Bullied Him’

Zachary Cruz opened up about the massacre ‘fragile’ brother Nikolas Cruz carried out at MSD high school in Parkland, FL. He has some regrets about their relationship. Learn more here.

Zachary Cruz, 18, was just released from jail on probation after getting arrested on March 19 for trespassing on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus. The Parkland, Florida high school is where his 19-year-old brother, Nikolas Cruz, murdered 17 students and faculty members with an AR-15 on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Zachary told police that he was there to “reflect” on what his brother had done. He’s now moving away from the Florida community, where his brother is locked up, to start over again (on probation) in Virginia.

Before leaving, he sat down with the Palm Beach Post to talk about his relationship with Nikolas. Their childhood was rough, their father dying when they were kids from a heart attack, their mother dying this past fall from pneumonia. And the brothers often fought, according to Zachary. He told the outlet that he feels that Nikolas is a “very fragile person,” who was often comforted by their late mother. He confessed that he believed that he was sometimes “too hard” on his brother, and even bullied him. Their rivalry didn’t last, though.

“As we got older and became teenagers, we made amends and came to terms with each other and accepted that we were both different,” Zachary told the outlet. “We got along (as teenagers) in the household. We would go out and hang at the pool, walk the dogs, and we used to do normal brother stuff together at home.”

While Zachary is hoping for a fresh start away from the tragedy, his brother remains in prison after being charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. He faces the death penalty, though his defense team is hoping that he will take a plea deal and instead serve 34 consecutive life sentences.

Meanwhile, the Parkland massacre survivors are continuing to fight for gun safety laws so that no other people have to endure what they did. They’re also focusing on urging young adults register to vote! Part of their generation is turning 18, and the 2018 midterms are happening this November. It’s more dire than ever that they vote — especially if they want anything to happen!

They also met with another shooting survivor, James Shaw Jr., the hero who stopped a shooter at Waffle House! They all had breakfast together…at Denny’s. It was so sweet. Plus, Emma Gonzalez, one of the outspoken teens from Parkland, got to meet her hero. After Kanye West, in the middle of his wild Twitter rant, said he shaved his head because Emma was his hero, she snapped back that James was hers. And now it has come full circle!

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