Parliament summer recess 2019 – when does it end, how long does the holiday run for and what do MPs do?

PARLIAMENT is nearing the end of its six-week summer recess.

But when does it go back and what do MPs do during their time off? Here's what you need to know.

When does the summer recess start and end?

The House of Commons rose on July 25 and will return on September 3.

Just over a week later, there will be another short break for party conference season.

The Conservative Party conference will take place in Manchester from September 29- October 2.

Labour's conference will be held in Brighton between September 21 and 25, while the Lib Dem conference will be in Bournemouth between September 14 and 17.

How long is the summer holiday?

The break lasts six weeks, and is the longest recess on Parliament's calendar.

MPs and peers also (normally) get a two-week break at Christmas and Easter in addition to one week in mid-February and a further week at the end of May.

Traditionally, the government has not given MPs recess dates more than a few months in advance and the dates are always announced by the Leader of the House.

During this period most political programmes, such as Question Time and the Andrew Marr Show, are not aired.

What do MPs do during recess?

When Parliament is not sitting, MPs work in their constituencies, including holding surgeries and dealing with constituency casework and correspondence.

They may also, for example, work on party matters and attend local events.

MPs also go on holiday during this time.

Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North, even spent one recess a few years ago flipping burgers so as to better understand his constituents’ work.

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