Pelosi THANKS George Floyd for 'sacrificing' himself as she stumbles through bizarre statement after Chauvin verdict

HOUSE Speaker Nancy Pelosi fumbled through a statement in lauding Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict, brazenly saying George Floyd sacrificed himself to reach this verdict.

"Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice," she started at a press conference held with the Congressional Black Caucus after Chauvin's guilty verdict.

"Because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous for justice," she ended.

Pelosi's comments came less than an hour after Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts of murder and manslaughter after kneeling on Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds.

Many were taken aback by Pelosi's comments, saying she essentially equated his murder to a sacrifice that should not have occurred in the first place.

"One of the most high ranking figures in government had days to prepare something to say about a moment of national significance and this is what she landed on," wrote The Daily Beast reporter Max Tani.

Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis also likened Pelosi's statement to "Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for being murdered."

Others commented directly on her video, saying "Huh he DID NOT sacrifice his life madam speaker. HE WAS MURDERED."

"That has got to be in the running for the most poorly chosen words since language was invented," wrote another.

Many were quick to point out the inaccuracies in her statement as well, warning that Chauvin's guilty verdict was just a baby step in the strides that need to be made against police brutality.

Vice President Kamala Harris said the verdict "will not heal the pain that existed for generations."

The ACLU also noted that Chauvin's verdict marks the first time in history in the state of Minnesota that "a white police officer has been held accountable for killing a Black man."

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