Pensioner reveals 25 years of ‘cat poo hell’ living next to ‘filthy home’

A grandfather has spoken of his 25 year ‘cat poo hell’ living next to a ‘filthy home’ stacked with rubbish and plagued by rats.

David Capes says numerous pets in his neighbours home along with hoards of waste has attracted vermin to the area, forcing residents to stay inside to escape the stench and to avoid the flies.

Nine months after his neighbour’s death, Mr Capes says East Riding Council have still not completely cleared the home and got rid of the rats which have caused so many problems.

“It’s been a living hell and is just beyond a joke now," said Mr Capes, who claims at one point, as many as 100 cats and three dogs also lived in the property along with the owner, reports Hull Live .

“The problems caused by the smells, flies and rats from the neighbour’s house, which my garden is backed on to, means that we can’t fully enjoy our property or really go outside.

“It also puts people off coming round and the smell is really embarrassing when I have visitors – the rats burrowing through the neighbour’s fence in to my garden also means that we need to keep a real close eye on my four year old grandson when he comes round.

“I balk at the smells and have seen that the garden there is covered in cat mire, which is what is causing it.

“I’m so angry and at the end of my tether – I just don’t know what I can do anymore."

Mr Capes says the issues have driven other neighbours out of the street over the years, including Mr Higgins, 66, who also lived in the road between 2015 and 2017.

“We felt like prisoners in our own home," he said. "Due to the smell and flies we couldn’t open any of our windows or sit outside.

“We spent around £30,000 fixing up the property when we moved in, but couldn’t really enjoy it due to the filthy conditions next door.

“We were forever on to the council to put in an order to get the house cleaned up.

“Eventually we had to move out as nothing was done and we really struggled to sell due to the issues.”

A East Riding Council spokesman said the former occupant was handed an order to clear up the home in July 2017, and when they died solicitors had the property cleared up.

Mr Capes claims it took four days and eight skips for the Skirlaugh home to be cleaned out after the resident died last summer. He said cleaners had to wear masks and suits to protect themselves before entering the property, and bombs had to be let off to try and clear the vermin.

But Mr Capes is still complaining of offensive odours and vermin running out of the neighbour’s garden and in to his. He said: "We are still fighting for the enforcement order to be fully achieved, even though it was put in place last year.

"I’ve been told by the council that they will decide whether or not the clearing that happens fits with the order, but I think it should be up to me to decide that, as I’m the one living here."

Mr Capes said he has been rushed to hospital with chest pains as a result of the stress of his ordeal. He said: “Last week I was rushed in to hospital with chest pains due to the stress of it all.

"It’s absolutely out of order how my wife and I have been treated."

A spokesman for East Riding Council said: "A section 215 notice was served on the owner in July last year.

"It’s absolutely out of order how my wife and I have been treated."

A spokesman for East Riding Council said: "A section 215 notice was served on the owner in July last year.

"Officers will continue to assess the condition of the site and maintain regular contact with the solicitors."

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