People are threatening to put down their dogs due to the cost-of-living crisis

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People are threatening to put down their dogs due to the cost-of-living crisis, an animal rescue charity has revealed.

Large Breed Dog Rescue has been swamped in recent months by pet owners who cannot afford rising vet bills.

Volunteer Jo Wood, 57, said: “We’ve got two issues at the moment.

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"One is the cost-of-living crisis and the other is the fact that because our dogs are that much larger, the fees to look after them are much higher.

“We’re getting more and more requests to take these dogs in but we just cannot take any more.

"All of our fosters are full and all of our kennels are full.

“It’s just madness at the moment.”

The Royal Veterinary College says no vet is obliged to kill a healthy animal unless required under statutory powers.

But the charity says some owners lie about dogs biting so they can be put down.

And there is a genuine issue with animals bought during the Covid lockdowns that are aggressive because they have not been socialised properly.

Jo added: “When they begin to see that the dog has guarding mannerisms or other things like that they message us and say can we take it urgently and, if we don’t, they threaten that they will put it to sleep.

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“These owners haven’t done any training with them and now they’re getting older these dogs are a bit of a handful.”

The Kent charity has a strict policy of never putting a dog down unless advised by a vet due to ill heath.

Volunteers work around the clock rescuing pooches, such as bullmastiffs and St Bernards, from as far away as Scotland.

The charity runs on donations only, however, this year alone £11,000 has had to be spent on just two dogs.

The number of all animals being abandoned has risen by 24% since last year

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