Piers Morgan Slams Professor For Branding Winston Churchill A Racist And Claiming Britain Was Built On Racism

“This is the problem that Britain has, the reality is that it’s built on racism and everyone involved in it probably has a really racist past.”

Piers Morgan was incandescent with rage after a professor of black studies branded Winston Churchill a “clear racist” and described Britain as a county “built on racism.”

Britain’s war time Prime Minister Winston Churchill has long been regarded as a great and inspirational leader by many but not in the eyes of British born Kehinde Andrews.

The Daily Mail reports that the professor, who was a guest on Piers Morgan’s show Good Morning Britain, had a dramatic run-in with the fiercely patriotic presenter when he labeled Churchill as a vile racist comparable to Hitler.

The latest showdown was sparked in the wake of retired astronaut Scott Kelly coming under fire for quoting Churchill in a tweet which read, “One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘in victory, magnanimity.’ I guess those days are over.”

The Twitter hordes wasted no time on jumping on the tweet and forced Kelly to apologize for quoting a man they viewed as despicable.

In the immediate aftermath of the backlash, Kelly tweeted he would “educate himself” on Churchill’s “atrocities and racist views.”

Professor Andrews applauded Kelly’s step down, stating that, “Churchill believed that the white race was superior, that natives didn’t have right to their lands in the Americas and that the Indians were a ghastly people.

“Leo Amery, the secretary of India, said that Churchill’s views on India were so extreme he couldn’t separate them from Hitler’s. The truth is Hitler was a great military leader, a product of his time, and if they had won the war we would be having this same discussion now.

“The fact of the matter is that Churchill’s views led to three million people starving to death in Bengal as he was more interested in stockpiling rations for war.”

Rushing to Churchill’s defense Morgan countered that although the Prime Minister had “obvious flaws” he was pivotal in the downfall of Hitler and preventing the spread of Nazism.

Piers explained, “If it hadn’t been for Winston Churchill I think we probably wouldn’t have the stomach to take on Hitler. He rallied everyone in this country. During the war, I genuinely believe, is that notwithstanding his flaws which aren’t in dispute, he evolved as a man and became a wonderful leader of this country.”

The debate then moved on from Professor Andrews branding Churchill a racist to calling out the whole of Britain for its racist ways.

“This is the problem that Britain has, the reality is that it’s built on racism and everyone involved in it probably has a really racist past.”

Visibly angry Piers than asked the Prof why did he continue to live in a country he loathed because he was a successful man who “had enough money to live anywhere else.”

Professor Andrews replied that there was nowhere in the world which colonial and imperialism hadn’t ruined and therefore he was stuck in Britain.

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