Pilot uses incredible skill to land air ambulance helicopter in City of London

This is the incredible moment a pilot on an emergency call managed to land an air ambulance helicopter in the middle of London City rush hour with astounding skill.

Footage of the landing was posted on Twitter, showing the chopper descending to the ground as stunned commuters watched on.

Avoiding dozens of buildings, traffic, pedestrians and lamp posts, the helicopter gently came to a standstill on New Bridge Street, in the centre on London’s Blackfriars, which was packed with pedestrians at the time.

The area is one of the City’s busiest rush hour regions, and commuters near the upmarket Crowne Plaza hotel stood and watched the incredible scenes unfold.

The landing spot was also just yards from a busy Blackfriars underground station, used by thousands of people during the morning rush hour.

It’s believed the ambulance was attending a pedestrian who had been hit by a motorcyclist this morning.

The junction of New Bridge Street and Tudor Street was closed in both directions.

Roads between Queen Victoria Street and Ludgate Circus were also closed after the suspected collision.

Twitter users who viewed the helicopter landing online were incredibly impressed with the pilot’s skills.

Valerie Gray said: "What an incredible example of skill. Thank you emergency services, you do a great job."

Another viewer wrote: "With all those lamp posts and other obstacles, that looked like skillful flying."

The Mirror Online has contacted London Air Ambulance for a comment.

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