Pizza Hut diner, 24, with tomato allergy has whole FACE swell up despite asking for BBQ sauce as store investigates

A PIZZA Hut diner with a tomato allergy had her whole FACE swell up despite having asked for a BBQ topping.

Kerry Cook, 24, already had to return one pizza after it was delivered with a tomato topping – but when she started eating the replacement she realised it was the same.

The care worker was then forced to rush to A&E with a swollen face after suffering the allergic reaction.

Kerry – who is from Southampton, Hants – says she’s annoyed after receiving no apology personally and only being offered a voucher after the terrifying reaction.

“I just don’t see how they can get the order wrong twice," she said. "You couldn’t even tell it was tomato base because I had extra cheese on it.

“They didn’t even seem apologetic. It was my favourite restaurant to go to. I’m too hesitant to go there now because what if it happens again?”

Kerry made the order from a local Pizza Hut Delivery as her family celebrated her father’s birthday.

But when it arrived she discovered it was tomato based, despite specifically asking for BBQ because she is allergic to tomatoes.

After phoning the eatery, staff had told her they would send out a new pizza.

Kerry claimed the delivery driver then told her the new order was with BBQ as it arrived.

She ate two slices -only to find out that the pizza was in fact tomato again.

The family say her face became swollen, with her father taking her to A&E, but only once they had dropped by Pizza Hut to show the manager.

The family claim Kerry was in hospital for around five hours and didn’t leave until the early hours of the morning.

Following the reaction, Kerry’s father, Ray phoned the takeaway and spoke to the manager, who is said to have apologised but still only offered a voucher.

He added: “It was very dangerous. It was an insult when he saw her and all they’re saying is they’re very sorry.

“They don’t accept how serious it was. If they’re going to be that lackadaisical, I wouldn’t like someone else with certain allergies to go through the same thing with them.”

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut Delivery said: “We treat any risk to our guests extremely seriously and we continually review our internal food safety processes and training.

“Following this incident, we have been in touch with the customer and are fully investigating the situation.

“A full breakdown of all of our menu items and ingredients is on our website to ensure our guests can easily access allergen and ingredients information.”

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