Plane passenger repeatedly Tasered by cops after ‘hitting on woman next to him’

A man was repeatedly Tasered on a plane after being asked to leave the flight for being ‘disruptive’.

The incident happened on an American Airlines flight AA2246 from Miami to Dallas this morning and police had to be called before take off.

Passenger Jabari Ennis said the man was asked to move seats after harassing a couple next to him.

The 37-year-old, who works in IT, said: "The man started harassing a couple on the plane, hitting on the female and being disrespectful to the guy.

"Eventually the boyfriend called the flight attendant and asked that he be removed.

"The flight attendant tried to hear him out but he was being purposely argumentative without making any points."

He said staff moved the man away from the couple but he then "started making louder racial slurs to the flight attendant and others".

Jabari said: "Myself and others on the plane started complaining to the flight attendant that this was not tolerable.

"They then decided to remove him and called the police."

Jabari filmed the moment officers came on board and tried to get the man under control.

In the clip the moustached man, wearing a blue checked shirt, can be seen grappling with two police officers.

He says: "Listen, what is the reason why you’re removing me from this plane?" and after no response he asks the question again.

Someone can then be heard saying: "Well you just assaulted a lady for one, you’re racist for two."

Officers then try to get his hands behind his back and into handcuffs.

But the man starts struggling and one of the officers can be heard telling him: "Do not fight."

The man slumps back down into one of the chairs and can be seen struggling with three police officers.

He then says: "You listen, I’m asking you, right now, what is the reason?"

An officer can then be heard saying he needs to use his Taser and starts reaching for the device from his belt.

Another passenger tells those close by to "back up" so they do not get caught up in it.

Egging the police officer on, the man says: "Go on Taser me and you’ll see what happens."

An officer Tasers him and a purple vault can be seen shooting into the man’s body – but, remarkably, he does not seem affected by this.

As the officer continues to Taser him, the man then grabs the Taser and pushes it away.

They continue grappling and other passengers climb over seats to get away from the scrap.

Eventually, with the force of two officers and a Taser to the back of the neck, they manage to get the man under control.

But he still continues to ask them why he is being removed from the plane.

Jabari said the incident went on for about 15 minutes and although another passenger got caught up in the Tasering, no one was injured in the incident.

But the man was still being difficult and eventually all the passengers on board the flight had to get off the plane.

He added: "We all had to deplane in order to get him off.

"The crowd cheers when they drove him away."

Miami Airport have been approached for comment.

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