Police intervene as EDL supporters clash with anti-fascist protestors

Police intervene as EDL supporters clash with anti-fascist protestors in London following a brief pro-Trump march in the capital

  • Pro Trump and pro Tommy Robinson protesters gathered on Parliament street
  • UKIP leader Gerard Batten compared Robinson to the suffragettes or Mandela
  • Festival-like atmosphere  turned to chaos as clashes break out with anti-fascists
  • Rally comes after 250,000 activists came to London for an anti-Trump protest

Clashes have broken out between protesters and anti-fascists as thousands of pro-Trump activists and Tommy Robinson supporters rally in central London.

As an estimated 100,000-plus rallied through London in opposition to the US president, many focused on 35-year-old Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.

The former English Defence League leader was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court after filming outside a trial subject to reporting restrictions before broadcasting it on social media. 

Activists attended a Welcome Trump rally earlier on today and marched from the US embassy in nine Elms to Whitehall in joint support of Trump and Tommy Robinson.

Clashes have broken out between police and protesters as a group of anti-fascists, pro-Trump activists and Tommy Robinson supporters descended on central London

The rally came after thousands descended on London yesterday for an anti-Trump protest which had an inflatable baby Trump hover in the air while the president was meeting the Queen at Windsor castle.

Right-wing protesters gathered on Parliament Street earlier today to listen to speakers including UKIP leader Gerard Batten.

Some waved ‘Britain Loves Trump’ placards, wore Mr Trump’s red Make America Great Again caps and cheered at mentions of the US leader. 

Scotland Yard said the protests will be subject to a series of restrictions ‘due to concerns of serious public disorder and disruption to the community.’ 

Tommy Robinson supporters hold up the British flag in support of the far-right leader of the English Defence League

The Metropolitan Police said Trump supporters were due to leave the US Embassy and meet Robinson fans on the way to Whitehall, but ordered both must depart Temple Place and follow a strict route after ‘serious violence’ at a June 9 march resulted in five officers being injured.

A small group on breached the order by starting at the US Embassy, pictures on social media showed.

Images also showed minor clashes between supporters and opponents in Parliament Square, and officers at the scene said cordons had been bolstered after breaches from the right-wing group.

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Asked if arrests had been made at the rally, a Met Police spokeswoman said: ‘One man and one woman have been arrested on suspicion of public order offences. Both have been taken to a central London police station.’

One was arrested in Nine Elms Lane, near the US Embassy, and the other was in Whitehall, another spokeswoman added. 

One member of the crowd had brought with them an inflatable sex doll, which they tossed around the crowd like a beach ball at a festival. 

There was a festival-like atmosphere that quickly turned into chaos as members of the rally clashed with police

UKIP leader Gerard Batten told the crowds Tommy Robinson had been convicted of contempt of court for: ‘who he is and what he says rather than what he has supposed to have done.’ 

A man stands on Parliament square before the chaos. There was a festival-like atmosphere earlier on with people singing Destiny’s Child’s I’m a Survivor 

Anti-fascists clash with pro-Trump supporters and Tommy Robinson supporters as police tried to hold people back

He compared Robinson to the suffragettes, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela – who were convicted criminals but have since become national heroes.

‘He will go down in fame’, he told the protesters, who applauded and cheered.

The crowd swelled as more people arrived after the main march arrived at around 2pm. At around 3pm, a new group of protesters with black and yellow flags and wearing tablets that said ‘Generation Identity’.

Huge crowds gathered for the protest. The crowd swelled as more people arrived after the main march arrived at around 2pm

They were met with applause as rock music played over the main protest speakers.

There was a festival-like atmosphere as many enjoyed the protest with plastic cups of beer and chanted Tommy Robinson’s name as pop hits such as Destiny’s Child ‘I’m a Survivor’ played in the background.

The anti-fascist groups wore all black and carried red signs. Many had their faces covered in hoods

The anti-fascists carried smoke bomb pellets and chanted as they stormed the rally 

The majority of Trump and Tommy Robinson supporters waved England flags. 

There were also several ‘Make America Great Again!’ flags with a cartoon of Donald Trump and ‘Britain loves Trump’ placards.

One woman was holding a balloon in the shape of a baby with the Mayor of London’s face stuck onto it while another dressed her shih tzu in a neck tie that read ‘£FreeTommy’.

Anti-fascist protestors gather at the rally bearing signs against the backdrop of Big Ben

The protestors were reminded to be peaceful and obey the police.

One speaker said: ‘Tommy loves you all,’ which prompted the crowd to applause.

He proclaimed: ‘He’s getting death threats all day every day.’

‘It’s getting to him. He’s in a real bad state and wants to get home to his kids.

Scotland Yard said the protests will be subject to a series of restrictions ‘due to concerns of serious public disorder and disruption to the community’

‘We need to get him out as soon as possible. He’s got a real fighting chance. He’s pleaded for everyone, in his name, to behave themselves.

‘The bravest man you will ever meet. Your faith and your trust in him is not wasted.

‘Lets support him. I need everyone here no violence, respect the police, comply with anything they tell you.

‘Anyone that throws a missile you throw Tommy out. That’s not what we’re about.’ 

The US President was pictured playing golf this morning for a two-day private stay at his Turnberry golf resort, as demonstrators gathered outside the Turnberry course in Ayrshire, where they shouted: ‘No Trump, no USA, no KKK, no racist USA!’

Robinson was jailed for contempt of court for posting a Facebook Live video broadcast outside Leeds Crown Court in May.

Several demonstrations have taken place across Britain and across the word since his arrest. 


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