Police spot dog with paws on the steering wheel as woman drives down busy A-road

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Police were stunned to see a woman driving with her dog sitting on her lap while she was driving.

Officers took to Twitter to post about the driver after they "dealt with her" for having the pup sat on their laps while driving, Leicestershire Live reports.

The dog then put its paws on the steering wheel and obstructed the driver's view, with the police taking photographs of the driver travelling along what appears to be a dual carriageway in Leicestershire.

They then swiftly pulled the driver over to speak with them, and the dog was moved into the boot for the car for the rest of the journey.

The tweet, by the Leicestershire Roads Policing Unit, said: "If you have a poorly puppy we advise you don’t let it sit on your lap and put its paws on your arms whilst you’re driving.

"We also strongly advise you don’t let it put its paws on the steering wheel and completely obstruct your view!

"Driver dealt with & dog moved to the boot!"

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The driver's actions were heavily criticised by people on Twitter, mentioning the legal restrictions for having animals in your car and the danger the dog was put in.

One Twitter user said: "I thought dogs/pets should be restrained whilst travelling in a vehicle?"

Another added: "The airbag could kill the dog in an accident, not to mention the distraction."

One person also commented on the heavy rain they were driving in, simply saying: "And look at the road conditions."

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