Portsmouth Uni freshers week sees more than 5,000 students hit the town for Big Night Out

Revellers were pictured out on the town filling bars, pubs and nightclubs – with some seen struggling to make it home.

With the prospect of lectures in a few days looming on the horizon, students made the most of the carefree week dedicated to partying.

During the biggest event of the week called Big Night Out thousands of teenagers enjoyed their first taste of freedom.

The pub crawl began at 8pm at Mr Miyagi's Bar with students then moving on to other venues such as Pryzm and Popworld.

There had been fears that "Generation Sensible" was going to shun the usual fresher events this year with Hull University scrapping freshers week entirely.

Meanwhile other universities are offering "café crawls" and other events to try and phase out boozing as a part of university life.

But that partying spirit is alive and well in Portsmouth as seen in these snaps.

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