Prankster etches penis into dry lake bed so big it can be seen from space

It may not be as impressive as the Great Wall of China, but an obscene new landmark can be spotted from space: a giant phallus .

The penis was drawn in the bottom of a dry lake bed by an unknown prankster in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

The massive member is so large it was even spotted by Google Maps users, prompting dozens of five-star reviews for the attraction.

“Travelled all the way from New York to see this beauty", one wrote.

The obscene landmark is not the only phallus-shaped object to seen on Google Maps by dirty-minded Internet users in recent times.

A Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois was mocked on social media after it was discovered to be in the shape of a penis.

The outrage prompted the Church to defend the design of their dong-shaped building.

"The building was intentionally designed around a beautiful oak tree (instead of removing it)" they said on their Facebook page adding that "southern exposure means it can be heated with the same energy generated by a single light bulb."

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