President Trump is ‘Willing To Destroy The World’ According To Billionaire George Soros, WaPo Interview

The famous political financier and progressive activist trains his sights on President Trump yet again, after having been thwarted in 2016, backing candidate Hillary Clinton.

Outspoken liberal political financier George Soros was very harsh on the topic of President Donald Trump’s presidency in an interview conducted this Thursday with The Washington Post, according to The New York Post.

Going on a tirade against President Trump, Soros called the leader of the current administration a “narcissist… who considers himself all-powerful” and that the President would be “willing to destroy the world” to satisfy his own ego. Elaborating further on the fate of smaller political stakeholders such as Tom Steyer, Al Franken, and Kirsten Gillibrand, Soros wrapped up the interview by giving his compatriots on the left some reassurance that he wasn’t done fighting, The Daily Mail recalls.

“The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it.”

Frequently derided as a bogeyman of the political right for his monetary donations to several liberal causes and media organs, notably organizations such as Media Matters as reported by Politico as well as The Atlantic, Soros is a much more affable and genial man when interviewed by non-combative interlocutors. In this way, there is an ironic similarity with his hated political opponent in the current American President, likewise demonized by his political enemies to a savage and fevered degree. Both men are valorized by those whose flag they raise as a standard, a rallying point, for those who share their completely disparate visions for the future.

The distance between those visions could not be further apart. Soros frequently calls for globalist governance, open border policies, and humanitarian aid for depleted and war-torn countries as part of his massive Open Society Foundation works. His critics, however, accuse him of destabilizing nations and brazenly plotting regime change via his financial influence, in Georgia as reported by The Globe and Mail, and in Yugoslavia according to The Christian Science Monitor. One such critic includes the President’s son, who has taken to Twitter in the past to reveal Soros’ financial hand at play in agitating popular protest.

The grudge between President Trump and George Soros is not a particularly new development nor is it contained merely to American geography, with Trump’s allies across the world celebrating the 45th President’s victory over Soros-backed candidate Hillary Clinton as the beginning of a new era according to The New York Times – a sea-change in how citizens respond to their elected officials and what they expect them to provide in terms of policy. Soros did not predict the populist appeal of President Trump, stating that he both donated to and voted for the female Democratic frontrunner and fully expected her to win.

“Apparently I was living in my own bubble,” Soros said in his interview with the Washington Post.

He was not alone in this sentiment. President Trump’s election was a surprise to many, particularly coastal citizens from large urban areas of whom many claimed to have never encountered a Trump supporter in the flesh according to The New York Times. The visual metaphor of bubble suits, a protective layer, insulated from the outside world, fragile, and about to burst.

It is unlikely that George Soros will be able to burst President Trump’s bubble any time soon, though he is now on the record as having stated that the struggle will continue.

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