Priest slaps crying baby hard across cheek during baptism shocking parents

This is the shocking moment a priest slaps an hysterical baby hard across the cheek during a baptism.

Two adults stood at the font, believed to be the young child’s parents, are stunned quickly try to wrestle the child away from the elderly religious man.

In the distressing footage the man, wearing a white cassock and green stole, can be seen at first trying to calm the baby down.

The ceremony, which is taking place in French, appears to show the child getting more distressed and seemingly annoying the priest.

According to Kidspot in Australia, the man can be heard saying: "It’s a tantrum, this is called a tantrum.
‘I will spill water on the forehead, hmm?

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"And then, I’ll kiss the little kid – because he’ll have become a little Christian.


But the child continues to cry and the man raises his voice to say: "I will scream louder than you. So, calm down.

"Calm down.”

The priest then grabs the boy’s face, pulling the boy to look at him, once again repeating: "Calm down," before he raises his hand and slaps the baby,,who screams even louder.

The distressed mum tells to respectfully tell the man: "Sir, we don’t hit him."

She then tries to take the child back, but the priest appears to hold the child tighter, with the mum telling him to "Let go, no, no, let go".

Eventually, the man believed to be the boy’s father, yanks the boy away as the video cuts out.

It is not known where or when the clip was filmed.

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