Princess Diana had ‘no blood on her at all’ after tragic crash, says firefighter

The hero firefighter who gave Princess Diana CPR as she lay dying after the tragic car crash believed he had saved her life.

Xavier Gourmelon says there "was no blood" on her at all, and he didn’t believe she was seriously injured when he first arrived at the scene.

He claims he had no idea he was treating a royal, saying he worked as if it was "any other" incident.

Mr Gourmelon, who worked as firefighter for 22 years, comforted Diana and tried to reassure her.

Speaking to the Sun last year, he said: "I could see she had a slight injury to her right shoulder but, other than that, there was nothing significant. There was no blood on her at all.

"I held her hand and told her to be calm and keep still, I said I was there to help and reassured her."

He claims Diana then asked him what has happened.

He gave her some oxygen and his team stayed with her when she was taken out of the car.

But when she was out she suffered a cardiac arrest as she lay on a stretcher.

An inquest later heard she had suffered serious internal injuries including a ruptured blood vessel near her heart.

But Mr Gourmelon said after he performed heart massage and CPR, the princess appeared to revive and was breathing when she was put into an ambulance.

"To be honest I thought she would live," he added.

"As far as I knew when she was in the ambulance she was alive and I expected her to live."

It was only after the ambulance left that a paramedic told Mr Gourmelon that the patient was Princess Diana.

He said when he later found out she had died it was "very upsetting".

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Last year Paul Burrell made a poignant pilgrimage to the site of her fatal crash for the first time.

And as he laid flowers at the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, he told how four questions haunt him about the tragedy.

Speaking last year ahead of the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, he said: "I still don’t understand what that journey was about."

He insisted the princess would still be alive had he been with her, and wanted to know:

  • Why Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed did not stay in their suite at the Ritz Paris hotel.
  • Why Dodi and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones let her in the car if chauffeur Henri Paul was more than three times over the French drink limit, as toxicology reports revealed.
  • Why usually safety conscious Diana did not wear a seatbelt.
  • How it took one hour and 46 minutes from the crash to get dying Diana to hospital.

Paul Burrell reveals final ‘angry’ conversation with Diana as he held her hand after she had died

Paul said: "It was strange to me the princess would want to cross Paris at midnight. Knowing her, she’d rather be tucked up in bed early. If you look at the footage of her going down in the lift in the Ritz, that is not a woman who wanted to go out.

"Why didn’t she stick to her guns, like she usually did, and say, ‘We’re staying here tonight’?

"And she always wore a seatbelt… so why wasn’t she that night? She wasn’t a fast driver and she would have been very scared of going so fast. I have this recurring nightmare of her screaming, ‘Slow down’."

He is "very puzzled" why it took so long to go five miles to hospital and asked: "Who made the decision to go to that hospital?" And he rubbished the idea the chauffeur was drunk.

Paul said: "Why would Trevor let a drunk man drive him? Let alone Diana and Dodi? That’s rubbish. I think there was a mixing up of toxicology results."

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