Proposed hotel near Kelowna General Hospital denied by city council

A proposed development near Kelowna General Hospital was denied by city council this week.

Originally, the development was to be a four-storey building, but plans changed, with the developer instead proposing five storeys.

According to the proposal, the primary use was for health services, though it would also feature 74 hotel rooms.

Nearby residents were upset with the size of the proposed facility, with many complaints centered around the look of the two large parkades, plus concerns of increased traffic.

Ericka Bell-Lowther, president of the Kelowna South-Central Association of Neighbourhoods, addressed concerns to city council prior to voting during the lengthy session.

“KSAN and the neighbours support the goals of the city to densify inner city neighbourhoods in order to reduce traffic and increase our sustainability,” said Bell-Lowther.

“However, the livability of our neighbourhoods should not be sacrificed at the altar of death’s vacation.”

She continued, stating “it is imperative residents are seen as partners in the process of land use changes. Not as obstacles to get around or step on.”

Bell-Lowther said the project was a direct contradiction to the city’s goals of densifying inner-city neighbourhoods.

Councillors acknowledged the concerns, but did say the property is zoned to include a hotel, and that complaints about density and traffic are only relevant during rezoning discussions.

Despite that, council voted against the proposal.


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