Provincial government announces speed limit increase for section of Hwy. 417

A section of Ottawa’s Highway 417 will see a speed increase this fall.

The highway will be one of three in the province to take part in a government of Ontario pilot project, which will test out 110 km/h speed limit.

The speed increases from 100 km/h to 110 km/h will be implemented in mid-September and will affect the section of Highway 417 between the Ottawa/Gloucester area to the Ontario to Quebec border past Hawkesbury.

The Ontario government has announced a pilot project that will change the speed limit for a portion of Highway 417.

The other speed increases will take effect on the Queen Elizabeth Highway from St. Catharines to Hamilton, and on highway 402 from London to Sarnia.

The provincial government also announced that it will be starting public consultations within the next few weeks to see how they could raise speed limits in other parts of the province.

For all affected highways, the province says extra safety measures will be installed, like increased signage and messaging.

The province has also opted to have street-racing penalties to kick in at 150 km/h in 110 km/h zones, which means on highways affected by the pilot, penalties will apply for drivers going 40 km/h over the speed limit, rather than 50 km/h.

The move is meant to bring Ontario in line with maximum speed limits in other provinces. Speed limits max out at 120 km/h in British Columbia, whereas Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan all have maximum speed limits of 110 km/h.

Public consultations are meant to begin within the next few weeks.

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