Putin mouthpiece fears Russian leader won’t live to see an end to Ukraine war

A Russian propagandist warned on TV that Vladimir Putin will not live long enough for Russia to see any "success" in the Ukraine war.

Political scientist and former director of the Russian research company Centre for Current Policy Analysis Sergei Mikheyev made the claims on a talk show on Sunday (March 5).

He said: “If we keep proceeding in this manner and at this speed, you and I won't live long enough to see any successes."

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“And let's be honest with ourselves – our leadership won't live long enough for that either," he told host Vladimir Solovyov, one of Putin's chief propagandists, live on air.

“Our position has severely worsened… We either move forward and stop imitating sovereignty and truly achieve success, or we retreat with a massive failure."

During the segment, he also hit out at Putin and Russian military commanders for their silence on battlefield failings.

Despite this, he claimed any retreat by the leader would make them look weak.

Mikheyev then called for armed forces to “create problems” for any country supporting Ukraine. Such as launching long-distance strikes to demonstrate Russian “technological superiority”.

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Previously Mikheyev stated Russia should use the war with Ukraine as an opportunity to take as much territory as possible, adding it was “historically our land” and was only lost due to “mistakes and betrayals”.

According to the Daily Mail, back in May of 2022, on the same talk show, Mikheyev said: “Let's conquer whatever we can, then declare it a goal of the operation.

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“Let me mention what our goals are. Unfortunately, the war will determine our goals based on what is achievable. That which we manage to secure will later be defined as our goals.

“I am fully convinced that [Ukraine] is our land, this is certainly our land. This is not about Ukraine and the country in which it may exist. This is historically our land, which turned out to be in this country because of mistakes, misunderstandings and betrayals.”

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