'QAnon Rep' Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of LYING about being held hostage by gun-toting classmate after Parkland row

"QANON Rep" Marjorie Taylor Greene has been accused of lying about being held hostage for five hours by a gun-toting classmate at school.

The Republican congresswoman recounted her alleged ordeal as she refused to apologize for hounding Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg.

Greene, 46, was booted off two House committees on Thursday after backing far-right conspiracy theories – including sick claims the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were "staged".

Before the vote she said she regretted her past comments, saying she believed the school massacres were "absolutely real."

She said on the floor of the House: "I understand how terrible it is because when I was 16 one of my schoolmates brought guns to school and took our entire school hostage."

She repeated the claim at a press conference on Friday when she claimed she had been "in the same situation" as David Hogg.

Greene said of the teen gunman: "He pulled out his weapon … the coach in the classroom knocked him to the floor.

"He was able to reach in and get another one of his guns, fired his weapon, took control of our school and we were held hostage for five hours."

She was referring to a siege at South Forsyth High School in Cumming, Georgia, in September 1990.

But Greene's account was contradicted by her teachers last night.

"To our knowledge, she was not in either classroom," school spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after speaking with a retired teacher who was among the hostages. 

Press reports at the time said a 17-year-old boy fired a single shot and took 40 hostages, then released most of them.

Only nine hostages remained when he was overpowered after five hours.

Most of the 1,200 students were evacuated safely at the start of the hostage drama and no one was injured.

At the same press conference on Friday, Greene said she was "fine" with being kicked off the education and budget committees as they would be "a waste of my time."

And she warned the party's Trump-supporting base was "keeping a list" of the 11 Republicans who sided with Democrats in the vote against her.

Greene also mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for saying she feared she would be killed during the Capitol insurrection.

She said: "I was in the chamber, unlike AOC, that faked her outrage with another hoax, another hoax that gets shared everywhere."

Greene was challenged about footage of her calling a teenage Parkland survivor a "coward" as she chased him down a street in Washington.

She said: "David Hogg was working with the organization that was going around working hard for strict gun control laws.

"I'm very opposed to those policies and so being in the same situation as David Hogg, my voice matters too – and so no, I'm not sorry for telling him he shouldn't push for gun control."

David said Greene was "pathetic" and said she should apologize to victims' families for spreading sick conspiracies.

He told CNN on Friday: "The thing I care most about in this situation isn't myself but the real people that she offended in Parkland, and Las Vegas and Sandy Hook that have a permanently empty bedroom, that have a permanently empty place at the dinner table.

"They are the real victims here who deserve an apology, not me."

Greene has faced calls to be kicked out of Congress altogether after apparently encouraging violence against Democrats.

She once liked a social media comment about shooting Nancy Pelosi in the head.

She has also questioned the 9/11 terror attacks, and hinted wildfires could have been caused by a Jewish-controlled space laser.

Last week she claimed she had stopped believing ion the QAnon conspiracy about Satanic pedophiles in 2018 after realising it contained "lies".

However, she has continued to allude to ideas pushed by QAnon believers since then, the BBC reports.

In a 2019 video Greene claimed that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was being played by a body double.

And as recently as December 2020 she insisted in a now-deleted social media post that the QAnon community was "exposing truth".


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