QAnon 'shaman' Jake Angeli first got high aged 11, takes psychedelic cactus & used to go to school dressed as Brad Pitt

THE horned Q-Anon "shaman", who was seen storming into the Capitol, says he first got high age 11, likes to take psychedelic cactus and used to go to school dressed like Brad Pitt, The Sun can reveal.

And in exclusive pictures, shared by a former teacher at his high school, pro-Trump rioter Angeli, can be seen dressed as the Hollywood actor's character in the movie Interview With A Vampire, pretending to have a pregnant belly and posing with school friends as a member of the debate team.

Ex-teacher Eara Betts Goncalves told The Sun how the QAnon supporter – then known as Jacob Chansley – was a "sweet boy" who enjoyed being on the school speech and debate team and "marched to the beat of his own drum".

Eara, who taught him at Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona, said she was initially shocked when she heard her former student had invaded the Capitol but became less surprised when she saw the pictures of him – wearing horns, face paint, a fur head-dress and screaming in the Senate.

In an exclusive interview, Eara told The Sun: "I was shocked when I heard it was him. I hadn’t really looked at pictures of him in the Capitol building.

"However, after I saw the pictures and posture of Jake, I wasn’t at all surprised.

"He did – and continues to – march to the beat of a different drum.

"He was very interested in the speech and debate team [at school], but the part of the tournaments he’d participate in were closer to acting than public speaking, debate, or mock congress.

"These were all types of options at the tournaments; he opted to perform and was quite good.

"I don’t really remember Jake talking politics. He was more philosophical and that was part of his charisma. It caught the eye of many other kids at school.

"As far as I could tell, he was well-liked by students I taught or coached.

"His favorite movie as a kid was David Fincher’s Fight Club. He would emulate Brad Pitt’s dress style of this movie. It was a gradual process, however.

"In terms of 'crazy' things, he didn’t do anything like he does now."

Meanwhile in an interview on a podcast unearthed by The Sun, Angeli – who also calls himself the "Yellowstone Wolf" – claims he got high for the first time with his dad aged just 11.

The tattooed 32-year-old also admitted to having several profound experience after taking "psychoactive" and "ceremonial" plants such as cactus and mushrooms as part of his "spiritual journey" towards becoming a "shaman" on the "Jake Angeli – Keys for our Ascension" podcast.

"I think I was 11 the first time I got high, and it was because God love him, my dad gave it to me," he said on the podcast.

"But the thing is the Lord was watching out for me and gave me such a profound spiritual experience that I was able to see my thoughts … there was this burning questions in the back of my head of, 'What is life all about?"

He revealed that after a stint in the US Navy he "dove head first" into experimenting with psychoactive substances.

He continued: "As I grew up and after high school, after my Navy experience – I served in the Navy for a while – and I came home I started getting into ceremonial plants like the mushroom, the cactus and things of that nature.

"And that's when things got kicked into another gear because I started to absorb information that was beyond words… these plants disrupt syntax… that's why those things can be really terrifying for some people.

"But they can also be extremely euphoric and enjoyable for others.

"I just dove in head first and had numerous encounters that were less than pleasant, that reshaped my view on everything.

"Then I began to understand that these things were in fact sacred tools, that these plants were in fact – I'll just say it – inhabited by plant spirits – as the shamans have said for thousands and thousands of years."

Controversial Angeli also has his own business called Star Seed Academy where he sells online courses such as “divine clockwork, celestial mechanics” and “spiritual self defence” for $44.44 each, The Sun can reveal.

He sells patches to wear on your feet at night that he claims "realign chakras and stop you getting cancer/combat chemicals in food, water, air and solutions".

Angeli is an outspoken supporter of QAnon, an extremely controversial far-right group, which believes Satan-worshipping pedophiles run a global child sex-trafficking ring and plot against Trump.

He was part of the bloody riot – in which four rioters and a police officer died – carried out by Trump supporters who sieged the Capitol building as Congress met to certify Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Beforehand he was seen speaking to crowds of Trump supporters and screaming: "Thank you President Trump! Thank you Q! America, land of the free home of the brave!"

He was at the front of a group of agitators who faced off with DC cops who desperately tried in vain to protect the establishment. 

However he has said he is not worried about being arrested for his part in the disturbance – and is looking forward to going back to the US capital for President Joe Biden's inauguration.

“If I could come back for the inauguration, that would be great,” he told journalist Tik Root.

“I trust the President…. I obey the orders of the President of the United States,” he added.

“I didn't smash any windows…I didn't vandalize anything while I was in the Senate.”

However his teacher Eara, who has now left the profession, believes Angeli should be held accountable for joining the riot and storming the Capitol building.

"I strongly believe he deserves prison time," she said.

"He broke the law. He breached the nation’s Capitol. He stood places he was not supposed to stand."

However she added: "I have fond memories of him. He was a sweet boy.

"He was one I kept touch with for a short while after I left teaching…It’s unfortunate he chose this path."

The Sun reached out to Angeli for comment.

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