Quarter of crew on ‘HMS sex and cocaine’ nuclear sub catch Covid after ‘boozing’

At least 35 members of the crew of a nuclear-sub have contracted coronavirus after breaching rules and "going boozing."

The crew on the HMS Vigilant had been told not to leave the Kings Bay US Navy base, however they managed to go to bars, strip clubs and restaurants in one of the worst hit areas.

Sailors went on the booze-filled outing in Georgia, US, which neighbours Florida – regions which have two of the highest coronavirus rates.

Taking a 400-mile round-trip from their base, a quarter of the crew tested positive for the deadly bug.

Including a doctor, executive officer and one of the two people who have codes to fire the nukes, reports The Sun.

According to a source: "They have been alongside for weeks and sailors do what sailors do.”

After the incident, a message was sent to a separate nuclear sub where they were told the Kings Bay crew had "breached their guidance and are now in the s***."

The controversial sub had been dubbed "HMS Sex and Cocaine” previously after a captain and an officer were taken off the ship for having an inappropriate relationship with a female officer in 2017.

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It has been claimed Sub-Lieutenant Rebecca Edwards, a weapons engineering officer dressed up in uniform while fooling around drunk.

During that year it was also reported nine members of the crew were hauled off for testing positive for cocaine.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “We do not comment on matters related to submarine operations."

HMS Vigilant is one of the four vanguard-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines.

Last month it was reported Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth had postponed its sailing from Portsmouth Naval Base after a number of crew tested positive for Covid-19.

A Royal Navy spokesman said a “small number” of navy staff have been infected with coronavirus.

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