Queen is ‘far from retiring’ as expert praises ‘powerful’ Christmas speech

The Queen has given a hidden message to the public in this year's Christmas national broadcast as she showed a "statement of power", a body language expert said.

Her Majesty paid tribute to her beloved husband Prince Philip, who passed away in April this year as she delved into details to share her unforgettable moments with the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal fans also spotted the 95-year-old Monarch giving a hidden nod to Lilibet Diana in the speech.

But body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas spotted a subtle sign and believed that the Queen was trying to give a "statement of power".

He said on his YouTube channel: "The first thing I noticed when the Queen finally appeared was the composition of the frame – she's right up front and centre.

"For many years we had been used to watch her Christmas message sitting at an angle in respect to the camera.

"That has been at least for the past four years, wearing either clear, neutral tones or blue and violent more recently.

"So watching her up front in this reddish tone in the centre of the frame is a statement of power.

"Yes she considered Philip her strength, but appearing in this way she's sending the message that she's far from retiring."

The expert also echoed royal biographer Robert Lacey's claim on the colour of the Queen's dress, which suggested she was looking "very good".

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"It's worth mentioning that it's not technically red, it has a pink tone to it," Jesús explained.

"It's much easier if we compare it with Catherine's dress at her recent appearance, where the colour palette of the environment is similar.

"Catherine is wearing pink and the Queen is wearing a more pinkish red.

"Pink is a symbol of youth, of good health and of course, love."

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