Quentin Tarantino responds to Kanye West claiming he stole his idea for 'Django Unchained'

Quentin Tarantino appeared Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and responded to Kanye West's claims that Tarantino and Jamie Foxx stole his idea for the 2012 award-winning film Django Unchained.

In an interview with Piers Morgan this week, Ye said he pitched a similar idea to the storyline of Django Unchained to Tarantino while brainstorming the music video for the hip-hop star's 2005 song "Gold Digger" featuring Foxx. While the actual "Gold Digger" music video that was ultimately released shares no similarities to Django, West still claimed the film's plot was his idea.

Tarantino told Kimmel, "There's not truth to the idea that Kanye West came up with the idea of Django. And then he told it to me and I go, 'Hey, wow, that's a really great idea, let me take Kanye's idea and make Django Unchained out of it." OK that didn't happen."

"I'd had the idea for a while before I ever met Kanye," explained Tarantino, who added that West had wanted to do a "giant movie version" of his album The College Dropout, and told Tarantino he wanted to get different directors to do different tracks from the album.

"He did have an idea for a video, and I do think it was for the 'Gold Digger' video, that he would be a slave," remembered Tarantino. "And the whole thing was the slave narrative, where he's the slave, and he's singing 'Gold Digger.' And it was very funny. It was a really, really funny idea." However, being a slave in the video seemed to be the only similarity.

"It was meant to be ironic," said Tarantino. "It's like a huge musical. I mean, like, no expenses spared, all right? With him in this, like, slave rag outfit doing everything. Then that was also part of the pushback on it. But, I wish he had done it. It sounded really cool. Anyway, that's what he's referring to."

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