The Quick Read: Academy Award-Winning 'Get Out' Director Jordan Peele Announces New Film 'Us'

Here’s all the news you need to know:

Jordan Peele has announced the follow-up to his Academy Award-winning film Get Out. The director took to Twitter to shares the poster for his new film, Us, which is expected to hit theaters March 2019. Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke are reportedly being eyed to star in the project. (The Hollywood Reporter)

HBO has set a fall premiere date for the network’s upcoming documentary about 276 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram and the release of 82 schoolgirls last year. Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped By Boko Haram will feature exclusive access into the lives of the girls who were freed and show how the schoolgirls are adjusting since their release and how the Nigerian government is handling their return back to society. (Shadow and Act)

Wesley Snipes says high school students need to learn about taxes. The Blade actor took to Instagram to share a meme that featured “Classes That SHOULD Be Mandatory in High School” with taxes, money management, and lessons on how to maintain and build a good credit score on the list of things high school students should learn. (Instagram)

Fans of Netflix’s @StrongBlackLead can now turn to the streaming giants latest social media offering, What Had Happened Was, a new web series hosted on Facebook that goes inside some of your favorite shows. The show’s first episode sees the stars of Dear White People discussing Reggie’s traumatic experience with police and where he goes in season two. (Facebook)

The judge in the Brock Turner case has compared his decision to give the Stanford rapist only six months in prison to school desegregation. Judge Aaron Persky handed Turner a six-month sentence for the sexual assault after the swimmer assaulted an unconscious student. Persky recently stated at a press conference that the decision was similar to Brown vs Board of Education. “Brown vs Board of Education was unpopular in many states. Imagine for a moment if those federal judges had been faced with judicial recall in the face of that unpopularity.” (BuzzFeed)

A Florida woman’s disgusting and shocking story about a roach getting stuck in her ear has gone viral. Katie Holley says she woke up with a palmetto bug, aka flying roach, in her ear back in April and was inspired by her sister-in-law to write an essay about it. The essay soon went viral and left stomachs churning across the internet. (AP)

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