Raging pensioner slaps Jet2 steward and wees on seat after ‘G&T taken from her’

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A pensioner has allegedly been caught on camera hitting a Jet2 employee after it was claimed he had confiscated her gin and tonic.

The flight, from Manchester to Rhodes, Greece, had to be diverted to Munich so the woman could be handed over to authorities.

The woman was in her 70s, Deadline reports, and had allegedly been infuriated after her repeated requests for free champagne were snubbed.

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Staff were caught on camera trying to calm the woman down, but were said to have taken away her drink when she became aggressive.

At one point, the woman’s arms flail aggressively and the steward is seen holding them down.

He then takes a seat next to her but is soon hit across the face.

The woman then hits her head as she stands up, before hitting the man in the face twice.

An anonymous passenger also claimed the woman urinated in her seat before she was taken off the plane in Germany.

Speaking on Thursday, the passenger said: "A woman on the flight repeatedly asked the flight attendants for free champagne.

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"The flight attendant told the woman that wasn't part of the service and she bought a gin and tonic in the end. She began to get aggressive so the flight attendant removed her drink.

"She started swearing and having violent outbursts. At one point she got up and tried to open the cabin door mid flight.

"At this point she was sat back down with two male passengers trying to hold her down as she was punching people.

"She urinated over three seats and repeatedly had bursts of violent episodes until we had to make an emergency landing in Munich.

"Upon arrival at Munich she was escorted off the plane by around nine police officers along with an ambulance and fire services.

"We were in Germany for over two hours.

"Jet2 handled this situation really well and the captain of the plane gave everyone complimentary drinks."

A video was posted on TikTok by the passenger, scooping up a whopping 25,000 comments and views in no time.

People were quick to convey their shock.

One user said: "Well that's a blacklist right there. Good luck with them getting on another flight."

Another quipped: "Too much wine. Lol"

A third added: "Nah as if it was an OAP haha."

A fourth replied: "Welcome to the no fly list."

A fifth commented: "Disgusting and unacceptable behaviour anywhere especially in a flight, what the hell is wrong with people?"

A Jet2 spokesperson said today: "We can confirm that flight LS819 from Manchester to Rhodes was diverted to Munich Airport yesterday so that a disruptive passenger could be offloaded.

"We would like to apologise to customers for this unforeseen delay and any inconvenience caused.

"The health and safety of our colleagues and customers remains our number one priority and, as a family friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour.

"We will not hesitate to vigorously pursue any costs incurred as a result of this diversion."


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